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Brookwood Cemetery first opened in 1854 and was at one time the largest cemetery in the world. Today, it continues to be the largest cemetery in Western Europe and since its opening, approximately 250,000 people have been laid to rest within the beautiful grounds.

The cemetery, comprising of more than 400 acres of burial land, is divided into many smaller plots by a multitude of roads and avenues that boast magnificent trees and shrubs throughout. There are various plots that have been set aside exclusively for the use of specific communities and denominations and families even have the opportunity to purchase their own family plots within the grounds.

Brookwood Cemetery caters for all burial requirements, including:

- Woodland burials (Various locations)

- Natural/Green burials (Gillians Meadow)

- All faiths and non-faith burials

- Interment of Cremated Remains (Glades of Remembrance)

For further information please see our Rules and Regulations and Price Guide.


Visitors are welcome to come and explore the grounds of the cemetery during opening times, details of which can be found under the "Information" tab above. You may choose to simply wander around on your own, or alternatively, guided tours are available through the "The Brookwood Cemetery Society". Details of upcoming walks are available on their website at: www.tbcs.org.uk. and private guided walks can also be arranged for larger groups.


The current condition of the roads in Brookwood Cemetery


When the new owners of Brookwood Cemetery took over in November 2012, many of the roads in the cemetery were in a very poor condition. We wish to assure all visitors that we are working extremely hard to address these problems and a major repair programme is underway. Extensive repairs have already been carried out to Cyprians Avenue and the section of Pine Avenue that runs past the Zoroastrian plot to the M2 Muslim Ground, has been completely resurfaced.

In the coming weeks, major repairs will continue throughout the cemetery and in particular will address the following areas:


- Chapel Avenue (The road leading to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Cemetery)

- Western Avenue and The Crescent (The road leading to the Catholic Ring)

- Pine Avenue (The road leading to the Muslim High Grounds)

- St Marks Avenue (The road leading to the Royal Hospital of Chelsea "Old Plot", Natural Burial Ground and Woodland Plots)


Inevitably, there will be some disruption whilst these works are going on, but we will of course do our best to keep this to a minimum. In the meantime, thank you very much for your patience whilst we work to make significant improvements to the Cemetery.


Please note that CCTV is in operation.


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