Family Plots Price List – Brookwood Cemetery

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Family plots automatically benefit from 100 years of burial rights. Subject to approval by Brookwood Cemetery Management and a permit fee they may be enclosed by a small wall, railings or hedgerow (Woodland/Natural Burial Plots) to provide a more intimate setting for visiting families. Family plots provide you with the opportunity to plant small trees, shrubs, plants and flowers and place a bench.*

How much will it cost?

Prices for family plots are based on their location and size. The minimum size of a family plot is 80 sq.ft.

Location: Price per sq.ft:
Woodland and Natural Burial Family Plots £145
Muslim High Ground/ Plot 119 and Cyprian Avenue Family Plots £250
Family Plots elsewhere £175

Large family plots may benefit from some reduction in cost.

Please note: The above prices are for the plot only. Costs for maintenance, Interment fees, walls and railings, etc. are not included.

*Subject to the Rules and Regulations of Brookwood Cemetery