Glades of Remembrance

The Glades of Remembrance were created over 50 years ago in response to the demand for a more permanent form of commemoration as an alternative for those who prefer cremation. The Glades, set in some 20 acres of magnificent wooded gardens with leafy glades and an ornamental lake, provide a truly private resting place in which ashes may be interred. The choice of each site, whether for the individual or the family, is a matter of personal preference and small monuments or memorials may be erected in the memory of those who rest here.

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A Map to the Glades of Remembrance


Key to Map

A – Entrance
B – The Lake
C – Lakeside, North
D – Lakeside, South
E – Fern Glade
F – The Sanctuary
G – Maple Glade
H – Birch Glade
I – Pine Glade
J – Sylvan Walk
K – South Walk
L – North Walk
M – The Rock Gardens
O – The Grove


Brookwood Cemetery by Mark Barwell