Green Burials

Green burials incorporate environmentally friendly coffins (such as wicker or cardboard), or the choice of shrouds or body bags. You may wish to contact us direct to discuss your requirements.

The main area reserved for green burials is plot 69 which has been called “Gillian’s Meadow” after the first burial in this plot. It is located off St Mark’s Avenue in the former Church of England section.

For more information about grave spaces in the woodland areas, please see our current price list or contact the Cemetery Office for further details.

Brookwood Cemetery may be regarded as the “home” of green burials as Sir Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910), who argued the case for disposable coffins from the 1870s, is buried here. The London Necropolis Company devised special “earth to earth” coffins which were made widely available to the funeral trade from this time. Haden once wrote that “it is plainly in the interest of every class, high and low, to avoid the seething suburban cemeteries and to bury their dead at Woking”. The Necropolis company also championed “reformed funerals”, dispensing with the panoply and display of typical Victorian funerals.

The option of woodland burials is also available within the cemetery.