Horatia Nelson Johnson


Horatia Nelson JohnsonHoratia Nelson Johnson was the seventh of nine children born to Horatia Nelson (1801-1881), Lord Horatio Nelson's child by Emma Hamilton. Her father was the Rev. Philip Ward (1795-1859), for many years Vicar of St Mildred's Church, Tenterden, Kent.

Horatia Nelson Ward married William Johnson (1827-1891) in August 1858, and they lived in London, latterly at 6 Gower Street. They had several children: William Horatio (born 1859), Philip (1861-1948), and Marjorie, who died in infancy. However none of their children appears to be buried at Brookwood. Horatia died in October 1890, and William died in the following March.

The headstone was restored in 2005 by the Brookwood Cemetery Society as part of the national "Trafalgar 200" celebrations.